Now I’m in Japan

Just as easy as reading one blog post after another, I’m in Japan now! OK it wasn’t really that easy at all. A quick recap of my last 36 hours:

  • I guess due to inclement weather, my first flight to Chicago is delayed 50 minutes and arrives in Chicago 60 minutes late.
  • Thus, I miss my flight to Tokyo and have to wait 5 more hours in O’Hare.
  • Thus, when I arrive in Japan the airport post office (where I am to pick up my pocket wifi) is closed and I have to wait 9 more hours in Narita for it to open.
  • Thus, I wore these clothes for 36 straight hours and head straight for the shower when I finally get to the house I’m staying in for the next week. Then I fell asleep at like 5pm (it’s 8pm as I write).

So it was a pretty long day. 🙂 But I’m here now! And this is my room:

My room for the next week

It’s not much, but it’s definitely sufficient for my needs for the next few days. Now it’s time to find some dinner!

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