My place

I’m moved in to my new home in Tokyo! Here’s a few shots (most of them panoramic) to give you a feel for the place.

Just inside the front door. Clockwise you see my bookshelf, bed, table, balcony, doors to the bathroom, closet, kitchen, and front door.
Standing in the corner of the bed, facing the kitchen.
In the TV corner, back to the TV, facing the bed, table, and couch.
Sliding glass doors leading onto the balcony (5th floor).
The excellent view from the balcony!
My landlord Chris and me on the night of my move-in. This guy is really amazing. Funny, speaks excellent English with a Polish accent, never met a sentence he couldn’t throw a “fucking” curse word into, friendly, and at least a foot taller than me (he’s crouching in this picture).

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