Coding in a Shared Office Space

This is the only chair I have to sit in at my computer at home:



Art majors will recognize it from any renaissance painting depicting the seats in hell.


So this morning I said to myself, “I’m in Tokyo, I should be able to find anything I want, and today I want a cheap shared office space to go code in.”

Half an hour’s worth of Googling later and I was on my way down the train line to a shared office space in Shibuya called Allincco.


It was great! 15 minutes is ¥100 (about $1 USD), but the max you pay per day is ¥1000 (under $10 USD). There’s whiteboard and office space available, and in general was just a pretty good temporary work space.

There was free wi-fi of course, free Coke and other sodas, a dozen or so free coffee drinks (making it an obvious choice over working at Starbucks and paying ¥450 for a tall café latte), and cheap ¥100 snacks.

It was no Cat Cafe mind you, but for the price it couldn’t be beat, and after about 10 hours total (some of it last night in my infernal torture device) I was able to throw together a new web version of my pet project Washington’s Rules. 🙂 Today was a good day.

Click the ruggedly handsome face of America’s first president to see Washington’s Rules for yourself.




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