A Dream

Sometimes I look around and just say to myself, “Wow. I’m here.”

Japan is not heaven or anything but it’s a place I wanted to live. Now, whatever that place’s reality turns out to be, it’s a place where every day I have the ability to look around and say “I did it.”

If you have a dream, no matter how big or small or absurd to others, pursue it now. Make it happen. You can make your dream come true, and nothing will change your life for the better more than proving that to yourself. Nothing can rob you of the knowledge that you set your mind to something and accomplished it.

If you’ve already accomplished something you set out to do, take time as often as you like to remind yourself that you did it.

And if you’ve never had a dream, what are you waiting for? Take a minute today, imagine something that makes you smile. Then go after it.

–Abraham Lincoln

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