Streets and Skies

Let me start off by saying I miss my friends in Japan! I hope things are going great for them all and if any of you are reading, またこんいちは!会いたいよ。

I’ve been back in America for just over 3 weeks. It’s been a remarkable experience getting readjusted to American life.

First of all, everything is HUGE.

Yes, huge portions of food,

IHOP's country fried steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and cream cheese pancakes. In American English,
IHOP’s country fried steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and cream cheese pancakes with a tall glass of sweet tea. In American English, “lunch.”

but much more impressive, the huge, expansive spaces.

Through the cracked windshield of The Challenger Victoria, my 2000 Corolla of fable and lore.

I live in a country of wide streets and skies.


We travel great distances at great speeds every day. I drive literally everywhere.

12 lanes. 30 kph.

Trash cans are everywhere!


“Meth In Your Face” 2015. Spray paint, particle board.

Quick – two things I miss about Japan:

  • Earthquakes. Those occasional little rockings began to have a very calming effect on me.
  • Speaking Japanese. When I first came home I found a grocery store that sold Japanese goods and stopped in to speak a little. Two of my coworkers have also worked in Japan and often make Japanese jokes. It seems Japan’s forever going to have a place in my life.

The backpack my friends at Rakuten got me goes with me to work every day.


Playing MtG at Starbucks
Playing MtG at Starbucks
My kitty, Pema (ぺま).
My kitty, Pema (ぺま).
The sunset and storm clouds, shot from my balcony.
My Johanna.
Sharing it all with my Johanna.